[H]Nightstalkers recruiting for 25 mans!

Emerald Dream
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Bumped Bump
Still looking for a great Holy Paladin or MW Monk.

Also would love to have another mage!
Bump For DPS and Healers.

Yeah 25 man is hard but that's what makes it fun!
We are currently Seeking to fill DPS spots and Healer Spots.

Possibly a tank also.
Still looking for DPS and healers.
Bump! Still looking!
Bump.. For Healers and dps.
Need one tank and a couple dps. Bump!
I almost applied, even as just a social before I decided to jump servers. But best of luck to the good people at Nightstalkers. I love you all.

Love, Nygoth
Lol!! Nygoth! Are you the same Nygoth that played in BC? If so, what in the hell have you been up to?
I am looking for a raiding guild if you'd take me in :)
Feel free to apply, Fazzie. http://forums.nightstalkersed.com
Bump for Heals DPS and possibly a Tank.
Bump Yeay!!

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