(H) Quick Reaction Froce <14>

Guild is mainly focused on Rbgs and Arenas.

RBG Currently looking for:
Prot Warrior

Disc/Shadow Priest
Holy Pally
Resto Shaman


Players have experience in rbgs and arenas from 1700-2100 and willing to help others get their achievements.

We have 7 bank tabs and guild repairs for all ranks in the guild.

We will begin to branch into raiding and progression mid to late October. Also actively looking for a raid leader to aide us into the transition.

All our officers are friendly and easy going if you have any questions or are looking for an invite please feel free to send a tell to Healgasms, Infiniteammo, Derzroz, and Frostyorc. If none are on feel free to mail in game. Thanks!

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