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Are there any Alaskan guilds out there? I just moved to Alaska , and would really like to meet some adult WoW player from the South Central area.
Hey there. I'm in Fairbanks -- don't know of any AK specific guilds though. But welcome!
Thanks , Bump
I live in AK but i perfer aussie servers, But I am trying to build a guild with other people from alaska (of course anyone with a sense of humor is welcome), just a small group so far but we are all good friends and its easier to plan guild runs / achieves
Man i so want to move out to Alaska, But i have no fam or friends over there. It would be real hard for me to find work and such.
Was there really a need to bump this?
Was there really a need to comment?

I hope none of you are anywhere near Barrow O:

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