Ice Barrier + IW

Do they stack together? and does IW have priorty over Ice Barrier when used together? (I.E) I have both up and take a hit, will I get the 30% Spell Damage Buff or will IB go first.

Sorry just trying to think of postive ways to use this as the other two feel to clunky for me to use as i'm always on the move lol.

Postive constructive thoughts welcome! :D
IW is always the top layer.

They do stack.

Lets say you have 80,000 from IB and 20,000 from IW,
if you macro them together you will have 100k absorb,
Once you absorb 20k, you get the IW buff and have IB left, regardless of which was applied first.

However if this is for raiding, a lot of the raid damage you will be taking to trigger IW will be greater than 100k damage (potentially even massive damage spikes) but if you go with TS instead of IB, its a non-issue! Take up to 350k damage every 25 seconds, and it will come right back! (Just avoid automatically lethal mechanics, as they often bypass even cauterize.)

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