Symbiosis incorrect?

Bug Report
Last night I logged on to do some heroics after my dailies and my usual druid friend cast Symbiosis on my but instead of giving me Savage Defense, it gave me Stampeding Shout. Is this a bug, or a change on purpose? I am prot - Stampeding Shout is the Fury/Arms ability. This came in right after the hotfix to fix pet battles/JP Vendors.
Maybe you were in your arms spec when he cast it on you?

Did you try having him cast it on you again?
Yea, we were in a dungeon. Tried both of us logging, switching specs on both of us, zoning out/in. I'm hoping it's just a weird bug. Weird change to place. Also unannounced, so I assume it's a bug.
Something has radically changed since the hotfix such that tanks are no longer getting the spells they received in beta. Applies to the other tank classes as well.
Been happening since yesterday afternoon for me.
They changed symbiosis in a hotfix on Oct. 2. Personally I hate the changes. As resto I loved the option of giving my Pally tank barkskin. I don't even cast it anymore...Unless there is an elemental shammy in group then I like the spiritwalker's grace.

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