Non-Panda Monks: What's shakin?

Moon Guard
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10/03/2012 03:05 PMPosted by Thaelarin
Blind Dwarf Monks, represent.
Blind drunk, I assume?

Blind as in, "Eyes white as the driven snow." or "Has a tough time with stairs and reading."
Boyfriend made a gnome monk last night.
Named him Ollie.
I suggested Ollie O. Oxenfree.

Non-panda monks are abominations.
Non-panda monks are abominations.
Come here to my fists of fury and say that >:(
I'm making an Undead monk come Friday, when I can buy MoP. I plan to name her, "Sreek", since I have "Sreech". A question: Does the polearm show-up on attacks? I've heard fist weapons don't and was concerned.

Obviously, I'm a screamer.

Weapons only show on your "jab" attack. You hit with it, and sheath it back immediatly.

It's a little whacky for polearms, since it's "WHAP!" then back to fists.

Same with fist weapons from what I've been told. You unsheath, hit, then sheath back and go back to your auto attack and all other moves being your bare hands.

If you get the Glyph of Jab, it makes it so you NEVER use your weapons.

It's great.

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