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So I just got a new computer and I'm noticing some problems. I have all my settings maxed in WoW, and for the most part it runs smoothly. However, when I go try to play youtube in the background it completely kills my performance. FPS goes from ~70 down to 10-20. Youtube will also have issues, with large skips in the video, and very sluggish scrolling for that page (other non flash pages will be fine though). The game will continue to run poorly even after I close the internet browser. The same goes for tabs running youtube (or flash in general it seems).

I need help figuring out where the problem is. I updated my drivers for my motherboard and my GPU, but that didn't seem to help. I only have 4GB of RAM at the moment, but I can't help but feel like some other issue is at play here. My last computer was a Dell laptop with 2GB of RAM and it had nowhere near this much trouble multitasking.
Disable hardware acceleration for YouTube. To do this, right click on any Flash-based video, click Settings, then untick hardware acceleration.

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