Automatic Dismount - With Death

Bug Report
I'd noticed a few times flying back from the Cloud Serpent Dailies, that I was automatically dismounted... I thought I might have gotten hit by a spear-throwing hozen, or something, but it appears that the Widow's Wail entrance (58.1, 31.7) in the Jade Forest is "too high" when changing to a no-fly zone, and will instantly dismount players.
The entrance to Oona Kagu (55.7, 27.8) seems to do the same thing
Both these caves seem to have their entrance ceilings or whatever cut way too high; dismounted and fell to my death flying near the Widow's Wail today, and when I was leaving Oona Kagu, even though I was well outside the cave, it wasn't letting me mount up to fly away until i was on the side bridge.
Yep, happened to me too twice today. Thank god for slow fall.
Happened to me as well, I was lucky and could click slow fall fast enough, my wife on the other hand not so lucky.
Same issue, right after I flew off in bird form disgusted with the Cloud Serpent race daily quest bug. Could not go back in either, so obviously I was "inside" as I fell hundreds of feet.
I've died twice to this on my way to Oona Kagu dailies
Happened to me couple of days ago, both caves dismounted way high
I got dismounted almost at the top of the widow's cliff yesterday. That is one looooooong fall to the rocks below.

*edit: I have also had the same dismounts in other areas, usually after exiting combat
Happened to me twice today......kinda annoying would be nice to know if anyone has looked into it.
initially i thought i accidentally cast a spell while on a mount, but this has happened quite a few times while flying over any of the caves (the spider cave and hozen cave for serpent dailies are where i had this happen most often).
happened to me just now how come they not fix this yet?
I was flying from the water, and got dismounted as I crossed the cliff, and of course, I had to land on rock instead of water...This doesn't seem to be a hard fix, but...Blizz, come on, dying because I screwed up is one thing, but this is silly. Please fix.
This is really annoying. The height of the dismounting area is HUGE. Like Tazror, I was almost at the very top of the cliffs.

This really shouldn't be that hard to fix.
10/09/2012 08:03 AMPosted by Synacle
my wife on the other hand not so lucky.
Happened to me today, too. I didn't die because I remembered to hit the levitate button fast enough, but was very confused as to what had dismounted me. Now I know.
Another spot is flying over he twisted nether from hellfire to terrokar. Since it is in the twisted nether, I can not even retrieve my body so have to take a durability loss
Guess we know why it's called Widow's Wall. I managed to save myself today, but it's killed me quite a few times.
Happens in Wintergrasp too
Guys....the joke is that it's called Widow's Wall because it kills you when you fly over it. It widow's your SO. If this joke is going over your head.....well, idk.

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