469 ilvl Prot Warr LF chill raiding guild!

Guild Recruitment
Hello, I am currently looking for a guild that is interested in progressing through new content in MoP.

>>>Read to get a good sense of what im looking for<<<
Here is a little about myself, I've been playing this game since December 2004 both on US and EU sides, I've raided all content this game has or had to offer on various toons. However, I've out grown the "Hardcore" mentality. I don't want a guild that cares what's their US or Global rank is, I don't want a guild that even has top parses, I don't want a guild that is strict on raiding, I'm tired treating raiding as if it was a job, I just want to enjoy this game and clear content at a decent rate.

I am looking for a guild that can raid 9:30pm-1:00am EST or 6:30pm-10:00pm PST Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Due to friends, family, work and other activities
Cannot raid Friday
Cannot raid Saturday
Cannot raid Sunday

>>>Here is what I am looking for in a guild<<<
- Friendly and Relaxed atmosphere
- Solid guild with good raiding history
- Core raid spot (Primary Group only, not willing to go to any secondary groups)
- Skilled players (Everyone should be carrying their own weight)
- Semi-Hardcore raiding (2-3 nights, 3-4 hours a night)
- Fairly progressed guild (Should be 8/8HM by now)
- Like to hang out in vent
- 10 man or 25 man raiding
- Active guild

Here is what you would be getting:
- A skilled and dedicated raider that has been raiding on various classes since December 2004
- A player that has 85-90% attendance, and will always let the guild know ahead of time when he is unable to make a certain raid.
- A player that has a handful of well maintained alts if needed to switch role for a raid night or two.

Please leave contact info in your post, if you are anything like what I'm looking for I will contact you ASAP!

Send me an email at greyboldgreymane@gmail.com. Willing to pay for transfer and faction change if accepted. Raid times Wed and Thur 8:30pm - 12:30am EST 10man
[A] Secluded - Quel' Dorei 10m

Secluded is a newly formed guild made from friends on top end guilds on different servers. We are 8/8h and are looking for an exceptional tank and high-output dps. We are also recruiting for rbgs for MoP.

Tues, Wed, & Thurs 10:00pm - 1am Central. Starting to raid Sept 2nd.

What We Are Looking For:
Exceptional players of all classes. Please contact us on Real ID or apply on our website.

How To Join:
Apply at www.secludedqd.enjin.com

Who To Contact:
Mcnuget (bcicco4878@gmail.com)
Caskade (bignat12345@yahoo.com)
Fknclone (justin_anderson@live.com)
Nubbz (clintcrow7@gmail.com)

We are a pretty laid back guild during off time. We mess around in mumble and like to have fun. When raid starts though, we expect people to be prepared and focused.
short and simple, i think <H A M> would be a pretty nice fit for you if you're ok with xfer'ing servers/faction. We're a semi-casual raiding guild, tuesday and thursday 7-11 raid times. When we are raiding we Raid....obviously we joke around and have fun but we aim to get bosses down. when not raiding most of us chill in vent and hang out, running challenge modes/heroics/dailys and other stuff

add me on real id and you can hop in vent and discuss anything further if you're interested

DUDE! Honestly you'd fit in <Expendables> so well. Everything you mentioned in what you're looking for in a guild is us. If you don't believe me just hope in our vent one night and join the conversation. We love having fun when we aren't raiding either on vent making jokes or in guild chat, but once we step into that raid we expect our raiders to be focused and ready to raid. In FL we were 6/7hm and in DS only 6/8hm due to real life issues with guild members. In mop we expect to be raiding tues,wed,thrus from 9:30-12:30pm est. honestly dude i think you'd fit right in. shoot me a realid request at Wreckstorm#1111 amd we will talk. look forward to hearing from you soon man.
Hope to talk to you soon.

Send me an email at greyboldgreymane@gmail.com. Willing to pay for transfer if accepted. Raid times Wed and Thur 8:30pm - 12:30am EST 10man
We are looking for skilled players to progress through MoP raiding content, we a group of experienced players running a guild were we can raid 3 nights a week and still get the content done, where we are serious about raiding but have fun doing what we do


Raid Times
Tues: 8pm-11:30pm
Weds: 8pm - 11:30pm
Thurs: 8pm - 11:30pm

apply at ashes2a.enjin.com or you can add my battle tag for more info berdrek1412#1545
<Annuit Copetis>
Tues-Thurs+Sun 8-11 PST.
Currently 3/6 MSV
Raid spots ARE open, no bench or back ups, if you're bad you will not raid.
We have always been one of the best guilds on our server.
Please apply at our website here : http://acguild.enjin.com/forum

We have open spots for any exceptional players.

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