469 ilvl Prot Warr LF chill raiding guild!

Guild Recruitment
Server: Bleeding Hollow
Faction: Alliance
Raid Type: 10man

Current Target: Mist of Pandaria

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday 10:00pm – 12:00pm (Eastern) time
Schedule: Friday & Saturday 10:00pm – 12:30pm (Eastern) time
Recruiter Contacts: Therni and/or Shovels(Levohs/Parthenon)
Homepage: repairbots.us

Class Needs:

Core Group 1 - Weekday
• Tank (no druid)
• Mage

Core Group 2 - Weekend
• 2 Tank
• 2 Healers 1dps/healer
• Warlock, SPriest, Ele Shammy, Boomkin

Looking for guild socialites and backup raiders - active, semi-casual, friendly/helpful guild members to even out our daily guild activity and fill in the gaps in our raid groups.

Repair Bots is a guild formed of real friends and wow friends that want to have fun and play together. We are currently recruiting for our push into the top raiding ranks on Bleeding Hollow once Mists hits. We strive to run smooth raids and have fun together in all aspects of the game be it hardcore raiding, world PVP, or the occasional old raid transmog run.

Repair Bots has 2 raid groups that run a total of 5 days a week. Raid group one runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday at 10:00–12:00 pm server (Eastern) time, and raid group two runs Friday & Saturday at 10:00–12:30 pm server (Eastern) time. All of our invites start 15 minutes prior to the scheduled raid time to ensure a timely first pull.

• Must play well with others. It is important to us that everyone remembers we are all here to have fun. We have zero tolerance for drama or disrespect. We do not care how good your dps is, or how amazing you think you are, it is imperative that you fit in well with our guild and treat everyone with respect or you will be asked to leave.
• Ability to meet our raid schedule. Because we do have limited raid time, and we are trying to push the endgame in that time, it is important that you have the ability to meet our raid schedule. We request that our Member keep at least 80% attendance and our Veterans keep 95% attendance. While we understand that we all have things that may arise and may cause people to miss a raid here and there, we do however expect you to make a commitment or our guild.
• Know you class. I think this one speaks for itself. One thing that is unique about our guild is that we do actively seek to help our players improve, but we cannot squeeze a rock to make water. You need to have a level of skill that is up to par with the content we are currently working on.
• Be willing to improve. The first step to becoming a better player is recognizing that there is always something new to learn and always room for improvement. You must accept this, and actively seek to improve yourself as a player, as well as constructively work with your classmates so that we can improve as a team.
• Gear. We have always firmly believed that the player is more important than the gear they are wearing. If you can show us that you have skill, and dedication, we can gear you. While we would like you to have gear appropriate to the content we are working on, not having that gear will not be an insurmountable hurdle to you application.
• Loyalty. Repair Bots is a family. We are new to Bleeding Hollow and the current players we have followed us. When we recruit members it is important to us that they want to be a part of Repair Bots, which means enjoying the good and hanging in there through the bad. We are not a stepping stone to the next best thing. We have been up front and honest with you, and we expect the same courtesy in return.

If you think that Repair Bots is a good fit for you, please take the time to complete our recruitment application. You can learn more about Repair Bots at repairbots.us

Battletag: Ther#1788

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