Macro help. (Feral)

Wondering if it's possible to make a 1-2 click macro for bear form + wild charge. I'm pretty novice with macros, and each attempt has failed due to the GCD.

So here I am, on bended knee, hoping to bask in your macro writing glory. Lay it on me.
/cast [nostance:1]bear form;[stance:1]wild charge

This macro changes you to bear form if you are not in bear form. If you are in bear form then it uses wild charge.
Are you running keybinds or mouse clicking? My personal preference is to have wild charge on one button, as I am already running 50+ keybinds. Of course whatever you find best is up to you :)
Thanks for the responses guys, that is exactly what I was lookin' for.

@Star I'm fully keybound, and yeah my druid has more hotkeys mapped than any other toon -_-
I have wild charge on R, with shift-R reserved for this macro.

Thanks again!

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