Warrior or Ret Paladin for PvP

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OK guys! I'm looking forward to make a PvP melee toon! (by PvP I mean RBG, BG, ARENAS and duels) I want to know what is the most effective class and with the most utility, Defensive CDs, and Stuns or equivalent! Let me know what you think is best!
Either can be. It really depends on the composition of your team and who you're fighting. Playing a class because there's some illusion it's OP will lead to playing a class that's slightly underpowered later.
It really depends on what style of play you like. Paladins are probably stronger in duels where there are no restrictions on what abilities you can use. I am almost always able to beat an equally skilled warrior in a duel as ret. But a class being a strong duelist doesn't mean it's OP in actual PvP, particularly when it's rated and you will not have access to Lay on Hands, which is cheatyhax for duels.

Ret paladins are a burst damage class with strong off-healing and support. Warriors have more stuns and tend to be more mobile (although with talents like Speed of Light and abilities like Emancipate, Paladins are more mobile than we've been in the past). Paladins are slightly more susceptible to CC than warriors. If you play a paladin you may be asked to go Holy and heal to find an RBG spot, which will not happen if you are a warrior.

Overall, as a paladin you will get focused A LOT in arenas, even if you're ret. This is especially true in 2v2 if you're running a team that's you and another DPS. If you're not comfortable with this, you should not play a paladin.

edit Forgot to add that you will probably perform best on that class whose entire toolbox you're most familiar with and the class you feel most comfortable with. A whole lot of PvP is knowing everything your class can do and how you can use those abilities to counter others'.

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