Setting/Glitch with Flightform

Hi all

I put in a GM ticket about this but the response was less then helpful and suggested a macro (which is annoying as hell to fix something like this) so I thought I'd try my luck here.

When I am in flight form but on the ground, I am able to directly go into prowl by just click the prowl button (activates cat form and starts prowling).
However when I am in the air (even only 1cm (or inch)) off the ground and i click prowl I get a error saying I can't do that while in shape-shift form???

Any ideas I'm pretty sure it is a setting or something i can set in game, without having to create a macro.
Forget where it is but the option is called "allow casting while flying" or something like that.

The option is mostly there to prevent other classes from falling to their death if they accidentally click a spell while flying around.

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