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Reporting the issue of being randomly kicked from Dungeon groups. Got with a guildie and used LFD. we both got disconnected at the same time and got the deserter Debuff. I have been having this happen to me alot over the weekend as well. I just though is was some pre-made kicking me out or something but now i see it is not. I am reporting it here. Did not see any posts on this. I'm sure we are not the only ones to have seen this.
checking with Trade chat in Wildhammer alot of people are reporting the same thing happening to them as well.
Ditto on Kargath. It's been affecting both LFD pandaria and brewfest dungeons
Same thing on Medivh. Sucks. : / Got 'kicked' during a boss fight.
It is also happening in Arenas
Same here on Eonar, lfd with full guild group. Got the "you are not in this instance's group" and a shove out the door.
Same on Earthen Ring, twice in a row.
Happening on Malygos as well. Its really starting to get irritating. Full guild group trying to grab a few last second blues before raiding this weekend and now this. Ugh.
Myself and a guildy on Stormrage were just randomly kicked from 2 instances in a row as well.... also another guildy experienced the same thing with coren direbrew.
Just happened to me when trying to do a scenario, about five seconds after getting in to it.
Im curious if you guys are all part of the same battlegroup or Data centre
Same issue here as well, on Bleeding Hollow.
Definitely not part of the same battlegroup
We also had that issue on Bloodhoof. We had 4 guildies and randomed for the 5th. 4 or 5 attempts in a row with this issue.
US-Earthen Ring, two guild groups running concurrently has had a total of 8 random boots from the dungeon as not being part of the instance group. In some cases it happened even after one or more boss kills. This has happened in Jade Temple, Stormstout Brewery and Shado Pan Monastery for us.

Looks like we are.
earthen ring is not part of ruin so no.
You guys are all on the Chicago Datacentre. This consists of Rampage, Shadowburn, Ruin and Vindication


This is where they will need to start
Just happened to me .. 10/4 Mogoshan's Palace
This stuff is happening to me but in guilds on Alexstrasza.

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