464ilvl hpally lf mop raiding guild

lf a 10man raiding guild horde or alliance that raids at 11pm eastern -3am eastern 8pacific - 12 monday-thursday and sunday no weekend raids pacific 5/8 h dsoul pre nerf h madness at 15% for more info contact me at nmeadley91@Hotmail.com
Hey my guild is in dire need of a hpaly. We killed stone guards top 25 in on the server and then had a tank bail due to an emergency. He cant raid any more so we had to replace him too. We finally have legit tanks and neeeed a legit hpaly. We were 8/8 heroic ds and have high goals set for ourselves in mop. Server top 20 us top 75. If you can make tues, thurs 9pm-12am eastern time raids and are looking for a focused fun group. Please come over ASAP! If you can raid tonight that would be amazing.


I will real id you when I'm home
We could always use a Holy paladin. message bigapopo
Filled our tank spot, and trialed a HPALY and knocked out 3 new bosses. We started our raid week on Thursday because we couldn't fill those spots Tuesday. Still looking to keep that hpaly spot competitive, so if you feel you can out perform the one we trialed you have the spot. check out the logs and see.


Please contact me before Tuesday if interested
Tues,Thurs 8pm-11pm CST

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