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Was this your first Sha kill for the week?

You only get 1 chance at loot a week. You probably also only get 1 chance at a bonus roll (on you first kill).
The way the system looks for what will drop can be a little misleading. If you look at the dungeon / raiding guide. It lists the bosses for the dungeons and the loot. If you filter for you spec you will see what will drop for you. Though at times for me even with there being shadow gear that would be of help listed there is occasionally a healer item listed. That list is the list used by the charms to figure out what you will win. So if you really want something make sure the only drops are for your spec or take the chance, pray to the RNG gods that you will get what you want. Hope that helps to make it easier to see what you might get. Good luck and good hunting.
10/07/2012 01:05 PMPosted by Glencannon
If you filter for you spec you will see what will drop for you.

I had no idea the journal had such a useful feature!

Okay so now I understand why some priests seem to be getting spirit gear in shadow from their charm rolls and vice versa, because its tagged that way. Which I find very weird on tier gear but that only applies to Sha from what I now understand.

So, current spec is whatever you kill it in and what you may get is whatever blizz has tagged as useful for your spec. Thank you all for helping me to better understand this new system.
10/05/2012 10:02 AMPosted by Ninjablaze
We have a shadow priest in our guild whos charm got them healing priest hands.

Same just got the healing gloves as shadow. Yes, its a upgrade, but pure dps classes Hunters, Mage, Rogue don't have this to deal with. Idk
10/05/2012 03:11 PMPosted by Josephinah
yes i was. we had the tag

Did you kill him earlier that week?

10/05/2012 04:03 PMPosted by Naumu
No you didn't then. My last 2 kills I've used them on, and it worked just fine. You don't just go killing Sha unless you know for sure it's your tag.

You don't know this so don't say it like you do. As I and someone else pointed out he may of downed the boss already which would of prevented him from getting the item but still have the boss tagged.
If anyone is still wondering, it works like this. If the boss has it on his loot table and you can use it at all for ur current spec, then u might get it. This means as a druid in balance u will get any leather intellect item regardless of the secondary stats. As a Spriest u will get any cloth Int item even if it has spirit. What will NOT happen is you will NOT get int. as a pally tank or feral/guardian druid etc... And if boss drops a tier token u go and turn it in for WHATEVER spec u want it to be for later so thats not a concern at all.

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