Am I the only one who moves on instantly?

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I finish a zone out if it's my first or second time doing the zone. I like the get the exploration achievement (this caused me some trouble when I went to explore Windward Isle at level 85...), and occasionally there will be nice blues as quest rewards at the end of a given zone. But I'm an altoholic, and once I've finished a zone a couple of times, my other alts will usually move on as soon as level allows.
For my first toon, I moved on immediately after dinging in every zone except Townlong Steppes. Going into Townlong Steppes as a fresh, slightly undergeared level 88 was a wake up call. I had to use CC and kiting anytime I pulled more then 2 mobs and often did it if I pulled 2 mobs as I had to heal half my health after the pull otherwise.

Because of that I stayed in TS until completion and then moved on to Dread Wastes half way through 89. Also to note, I typically ran a daily dungeon and got my Daily Battleground win. While the XP slowed down slightly, I found the break from quest grinding enjoyable, and was able to pick up some nice upgrades along the way, as well as having enough Honor for two peice PVP set bonus upon dinging 90, and enough Justice for a single purchase.

With Steppes complete, I'm planning on completing Valley and the Summit while leveling my next toon, and likely skipping Steppes, moving straight into Wastes from Summit. I'll probably end up with 3 toons contributing achievements towards the Pandaria Loremaster meta.
I want the quest meta. :) Eventually, I am going for Loremaster. However, I want to enjoy the game. I am almost through Rally the Valley and am currently 89 (just dinged before starting the last part of the meta, Stormstout Brewery). I am hoping that I get through 2 more zones before I ding...bc I might lose ambition if I ding 90 before going through all of the zones. :P

I don't think people should move on.
I was moving on immediately a lot of time after leveling and the result was sometimes not having enough quests to ding high enough for the next zone. If you complete an area and aren't high enough level for the next one you're screwed.
I burned through the levels, moving as soon as I leveled up, then I rean into a brick wall called Dailies.....
I move zones as soon as I can, especially in Cata / MoP zones where each new ones offers quests with substantially more XP than the one before, and usually not any more difficult.
I do the opposite, mind you I just got MOP 3 days ago, I don't even get to see content on my main because I just tank through it mostly. Although at 88, I might be forced to quest a little since I'm see a major drop in XP through dungeons.

I then level an alt through content ( this are mostly DPS because the Q's are an eternity long ) and the rest of alts probably rush through as well.
When I level on my main, I try to get as many quests as possible. However when I'm on alts, I try to ding asap.
If you move on immediately after dinging, you will be back in those zones at lvl 89 :l Dread wastes lacks enough quests to lvl 89-90
If it's a new area that I haven't taken my time in and completed every single quest in before, I will stay until it's done.

After that, it's all by mood!
the first time through I will do all the quests for loremaster but when I'm leveling alts then I go to new zones as I level
I do all the quests in a zone before moving on. I like to take my time and savor the experience.
I was wondering if I am the only person who moves on to a new zone instantly after dinging.

I am running around in kun-lai summit and I see a ton of level 88 running around, and its odd to me because I know I would already be in the next zone if I had dinged.

I am legitimately interested to see how many people fully exhaust the zones and do every single quest there until it is complete.

I did it on my main toon, obviously, as getting all the lore and story was important to me, the fact is I know at least will know the gist of what's going on in most of the raids, as I know who all the baddies are etc. I am also working on doing all the quests on my horde toons to get their side of the story and lore, but a lot of quests are the exact same on horde, as they are on alliance, I am hoping horde quests keep having a much more different feel, from alliance quests, as a lot of the time, I feel like I am playing a whole different game.
It seems quest EXP scaled to level anyway so the only benefit of moving on to longer quests (because mob HP is much higher) is to get the better green item rewards that you'll be replacing once you hit 90 almost immediately.

I want to experience all of the quests/zones but I'd rather avoid repetition so since I want to level 3 characters to level 90 I decided to do 2 zones each, fully. I always have my BG queue on so a large portion of my levelling comes from PVP anyway.

On my Shaman I did Jade Forest and Valley of the Four Winds. I touched a little bit of the Summit and did each of the 4 dungeons once. On my Paladin I PVP'd and did dungeons until 86 then did Krasarang Wilds and some of the Summit until I hit 88, then I cleared all of Townlong Steppes and came back to finish most of the Summit. My Hunter will likely grind mobs and PVP until 87 and jump right into a full clear of the Summit then clear the Dread Wastes.

This way I get all of the achievements, experience all the lore & quests and don't get too bored from repeating it.

Best mob-grinding spot I found was in Krasarang Wilds in the Northwestern camp where these mobs constantly rush towards the gates. I think they are lvl 87. We killed thousands there and got a LOT of cloth and motes. When cooldowns were up we'd agro about 12-15 casters and lure them behind a wall and nuke them down (ele + arc mage). Each time we did that (with guild banner down) we'd score about 150k exp each. We called it "doing a quest" and earth ele was back every 5 mins so we grinded then did a "quest" every 5 mins which dropped a stack of cloth (as a tailor) and 1-2 motes each time. Those along with greens were our "rewards". Cut down on travel time and we threw in some BGs to limit the boredom.
It depends how entertaining the quests are or if it's my first time doing them.

In Cataclysm I finished all of Hyjal, leaving it at level 74 and heading directly to the Highlands. Afterwards I jumped around a lot, though i did do all of the quest of a single zone on at least one toon.
Since this is a new xpac with all new zones and quests I've never seen I'll probably play every quest in every zone before moving on.
I don't feel like I rush, but I do hop zones when I level up. I'm not much of a quester though.
10/03/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Nethaera
I'm sure others do as well, but I tend to want to "finish" a zone before moving on. At least, that's the way of it the first time through. After that, I may be more flexible with how I go through.

Since I've only done it once so far, I can't really speak for how I'll do it next time.

I just feel obligated to finish the storyline up before I get started on a different one.
I finish a zone before moving on. Gotta get those achieves. XD

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