A sincere thank you to Moon Guard as a whole.

Moon Guard
*Girlish squeal*

*coughs* Grats to you two. ^-^
Congratulations to you both! /singletear
/sigh.....I love weddings....my bestie/lil sister just got married this past weekend. I cried buckets. Congratulations!!!!!!!
Congrats! I shall be bookmarking this thread for reading after the weekend. If you don't post pictures I will be sitting out front of org after next weeks reset! >:C
Congrats! :)
That's just wonderful. :B Congratulations.
<- Teb, albeit Rogueier and Pandaier.

Congratulations, you two. Glad to see you finally tied the knot, and good luck with whatever future endeavours you might have!
Aaagh heart melted xD

Seriously, that's beautiful. Congrats to you two!
RP wedding Y/N? =

Either way GRRRRRATS.
Hah, No RP wedding. Strangely enough Satrina does not roleplay. It would be incredibly awkward to watch him try.
Aw, very beautiful. Congrats you two.
Grats, Mowgli!
Many congratulations Mowgli. :) Have a wonderful wedding and I wish you both all the best! :D
Congrats you two!
Congratz to you both.
I'll send you your wedding gidts through the mail. If you do not recieve it then someone might of stolen them...or I never sent one at all...but gratz!

LF 18+ female to have fun with, run instances, date then marry later. Have skype and vent. Link cooking and tailoring. PST.
Congratulations, guys!

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