[A] Late-night 10-man Guild on Lightbringer

Guild Recruitment
Lightbringer (US)

About us:
Just like the title says, we're a late night raiding guild for people who don't have the time to raid during the day, but still want to see content in the 10-man format with a close group of dedicated and competent raiders. Our focus is on seeing all the content each tier of MoP has to offer, without forcing members to commit to an obtrusive raiding schedule. Our officer team has been raiding since BC, with some members even going back to Classic. We took a break near the end of Cataclysm when some members got burned out, but now we're reforming for the new expansion.

What We're Looking For:
We are looking for a healer and a melee plate DPS. Our tank slots are currently full, so none need apply. We are looking for committed raiders who can show up for all our raid times punctually and consistently. Some raiding experience is preferred but not absolutely necessary.

Positions Open:
1 Healer Position (Priest preferred)
1 Melee DPS position (Death Knight preferred)

Raid Times:
Tu-Th, 10pm-12am ST


If you're interested, pop on over to our website and drop us an application! No in-game messages will be considered for invitation without an application to the website.

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