Pearlfin Village loses inn

Bug Report
Pearlfin Village has an inn run by Cheerful Jessu <innkeeper>. His inn works fine when you first get to the village, but when you return after doing quests further North, he is still there, but his inn status seems to have been revoked. No rested bonus & 20 seconds to logout.

Reproduce: Proceed in the Jade Forest quest lines until you have the quest "An Unexpected Advantage". Visit Cheerful Jessu in Pearlfin Village and you will find him, but not the resting status.

Added info: Playing as a Lvl 86 Worgen Druid (Feral), incase that makes a difference.
Ugh, I just encountered this, too. I want my rested bonus. :(
Same issue here on my 3 toons leveling through Jade Forest. Once I ride the Jade Serpent and return to this inn, no rested xp and 20 seconds to log out.
me to i was in Pearlfin Village and did the quest were you defeat the monkey boss and kill 15 of his army turned it in and got the fish pet and the weapon and the quest line stopped i don't know why my girlfriend done the same quest line and she had more quest in the area now i am lost
I've encountered this as well, though I believe the inn "status" returns if you set your hearth there. Otherwise you get no rested in Pearlfin.
I've noticed this bug as well, with my lvl 86 alt. Frustrating.
Very frustrating indeed that it is still happening even after it was reported during beta
I know this is old, but this bug is still not fixed.
How's about this for a Necro

(first result to the string: "pearlfin village inn not giving rested")

I do not get rested after running the Get Back Here quest. Happened ages ago, last time I was leveling another toon.

Volvo ples.

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