Golden Lotus farming add on

UI and Macro
Anyone know if there's an add on that can alert me when a Golden Lotus is nearby? I'm thinking something like a combination of Gatherer and NPC Scan, if such a thing exists.

These things are far too rare, I've leveled my herbalist from 85-89 and only found 5 :(
There isn't really a way to notify you of this. It's not targettable item and there are deliberate limitations preventing you from extracting this info from the minimap.
It seems that the Golden Lotus node has about a 32 minute spawn fairly easy to find once you put a few minutes in noticing where they pop.Most have the same spawn point as well,jadeforrest seems to be the easiest so far for me.dont forget to use the lotus treasure finding buff for some black and white trillium as well from the treasure boxes.Found mostly in small towns in jade forrest not anywhere else.

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