[A] <Unreal Realities> H10 Barthilas LF DPS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Unreal Realities (UR) is an Alliance guild on oceanic server Barthilas. Primary Raiders (PR) is a sub-group of UR focused on H10 raiding over two nights each week.

PR is currently recruiting 1-2 DPS with a preference (in rough order) for the following classes:
    - Warlock
    - Death Knight
    - Rogue
    - Hunter

Our raid times are Thursday and Sunday 7:30pm - 11:30pm AEST.

PR raiders are expected to:
    - have fun and respect each other
    - know how to optomise their character (through gearing and class knowledge) for maximum performance in their role
    - be prepared before raids with appropriate consumables and knowledge of encounter mechanics
    - be punctual for raids and provide advance notice for absences
    - make use of (Mumble) voice chat during raids

If you're interested in applying to raid with us please register at unrealrealities.net and post your query in the public forum. Alternatively you can chat to me in-game using battletag Dara#1315.
Updated 6/10/12.
Updated 9/10/12 - currently closed for recruitment.

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