Mosh pit bug?

So was trying to do mosh pit with my guild and we could not get it for whatever reason. We dpsed all the guards down till their health was about half and waited up at the top of the stairs with the boss. When he did his blades, we would jump down at the last second and he would take up all the low adds and kill them. I was sure he swept up and killed about 12 mobs but no achievement. Any thoughts?
Have tried for this a few times over the past few days and have had this same problem. RaidAchievement said the requirements were complete every time. Bug, maybe?
Got it randomly in a pug through lfg just yesterday. Well, *I* died, but the person left alive got it anyway.
got this achive by accident aswell due to some of the group screwing up.
His stacking damage debuff is dispellable (10 buff stacks per dispell) prolong the fight and adds come faster, kill the first two sets of adds. After is second blades of light pass warrior tanks can just toss down Mocking Banner and sit up top waiting for blades of light. Shield wall as boss reaches you. If you have enough adds tank won't even get picked up, if he does get picked up, he's shield walled. GG. Finish off boss.
I believe you need at least one person in the whirlwind with 7 adds. And RaidAchievements is bugged.
I just tried to do this one and when I get picked up with the adds and then land my character is unable to more, I can not do anything. And the camera starts to turn and the whole area turns into this field of grass and I have tried to do /reload but it still has me in there. Then after about 30 to a min I get control back and and die. Is this normal.

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