Levelling in MoP

I'm already 87% done with level 88 so this is a bit of a oh well, too late now question. I was wondering though, what are your thoughts on Paladin levelling. I am very new to retribution, pretty much purely levelled as a tank in dungeons for Cataclysm, but I wanted to see the new content in its entirety, so I decided to quest to level this xpac. Here's my dilemnas.

When levelling as Prot, I can pull a bunch of mobs and laugh at their pathetic attempts to kill me, but I'm only doing about 10-12k dps. It's really slow, and I'm just underwhelmed with it.

When levelling as Ret, I am super ultra squishy (in comparison to Prot) and only seem to be pulling about 12-15k dps even when I switch to the quest green/blues I've acquired along the way. It doesn't feel like I get the same amount accomplished because although I kill mobs faster, I can only do one or two at a time without having to spam WoG to prevent death.

Am I doing something wrong? What were your numbers like while levelling? It just feels weird having done 15k in Dragon Soul as a tank 85, but now doing the same or less as a DPS while killing non-elites. =/ (I try and follow icy-veins for my rotation, stat priority, etc.) Obviously not enchanting or gemming quest gear.

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