Finally hit 85, see you in Pandaria

Wyrmrest Accord
This morning before I left for class, I finally hit 85. I've been working pretty hard for it since game came out last week or so (as much as I had any spare time).

Can't wait to join you guys in Pandaria! Send your tells and invites my way if you see me there <3

Also my face when I dinged 85 this morning:

p.s. I have no idea why I wanted to inform you guys that I hit 85, just roll with it.
10/03/2012 09:55 PMPosted by Jinpa
roll with it
I see what you did there.

Well played, sir, well played.
Hey, no reason not to be proud of hitting 85 in a week, especially on a new class with no real guide to how its played.

Your panda's face makes me happy. <3
Grats on 85, Jinpa! See you in Pandaria~ ^-^
Always good to have another of the fat furry folk make it to Pandaria! See you on the farm!

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