Steer Clear of the Beer - Golden Lotus Daily

Alright, disclaimer in advance because this may sound like a whiny post. But, I SERIOUSLY keep getting my butt kicked doing this quest. I don't know what I'm doing wrong in this, but I nab one, I end up aggroing all of them, before I know it they're all chasing me, I'm surrounded by barrels that I can't even loot because they're all throwing rocks at me and jumping away. This is INFURIATING!! I've been at this for almost an hour now, and I'm only at one barrel.

It's like no matter what I do, I keep aggroing everything. Even when I don't HS, everything's being aggro'd. I stopped using diseases, everything was still being aggro'd! Words can't be used to describe how irritating it is to kill something that keeps jumping away when you can't use a ranged attack on them with any real effect.

Please help.
Those sprites are all running up the ramp to the left of the inn, there should be lots of barrels up there that are just sitting around being lootable. The sprites are all yellow, so shouldn't attack you unless you attack them. I just loot up as many barrels as I need first and then go somewhere less crowded with sprites & do the 'kill xx sprites' quest.
I'm not joking Dakyras, I'm running out of attacks to use! My trinket procs that stupid little dragon that AOE hits everything, when that's not busy kicking my butt, my diseases do! Even when it isn't my intention to AOE everything, they're all chasing me.

The only way I was able to get this quest complete was to have my shammy friend come and DPS for me.
I made the mistake of pulling them all at the top like im used to, the first time i got the daily. Best way to do it is just pick them off to the side down by the village buildings.

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