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Bleeding Hollow
Korrupt Heroes (25) is recruiting all lvls. We have 2 core raid groups forming, one will be on tues/thurs 8st. And the second will be sat/sun 7st. We currently need 1 tank, 3 melee dps and a couple ranged dps, and possibly a couple healers to fill in the core main spots still available in either group. We are also recruiting for PvP groups and Arena teams. We also accept any casual members who just want a friendly, laid back, non-judgemental environment where they can joke around and have fun. We are a casual guild and will remain that way. If you're looking for hardcore, it's not the right place. We do progression, without the stressful environment and without raiding constantly. If you have any questions, need more info, or want an inv.... whisper in game to Seastnán or Shadowyheals. If neither are currently on, just ask for one of the other officers.
You can also whisper me in-game, We are a fun guild looking to progress in game in raiding and PvP. Just want some players that want to have fun and Enjoy Gaming, we have Boa Pants and working on getting more done.
Howdy I just started on this server. I have mainly been on small rp and pve servers in small guilds with friends. I wanted to do more pvp and get back to the horde side so I started up here. I have been trying to find a guild to make new friends with, Came across this post and it is just what I have been looking for in a guild.

I hope that I can join the adventure and do some alliance killing with you all. I will message one of you tonight.

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