Gnome or Tauren monk

I am getting MoP tomorrow and the only races that i dont have character with are tauren and gnome and i need help deciding :)
Since you are posting on an ally, I would say go gnome.
Tauren have hooves. Picture the pain of being kicked by an 8 foot tall, near half-ton heavy being with hooves.

Nothing against our little gnome friends, but they don't have anything quite that awesome.
But I'm bias, 'cause I love them.

A gnome would be awesome for hilarious factor though.
I'm having a blast on my gnome monk. I can actually see the fights, because my camera is not behind a giant wall of beef.
Get the recolor of tier 6 for druids.
Wield Banner Slicer

Gnomes got nothing on that.
I recommend a gnome because there is nothing more humiliating to your enemy than to have their last view of the world obscured by a gnome's weapon or fist. That is why I made my rogue a gnome. My monk is a night elf because I like night elves.
Undead called and thanks you for playing.
how about a panda?
if you're just getting MoP that means you don't have a panda either.

They seem pretty fun and all.

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