Shattered Oath is recruiting for 25-man raids

Emerald Dream
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Hi, we're Shattered Oath. We've been doing semi-hardcore progression raiding on Emerald Dream since Vanilla. I won't recount our semi-glorious and mostly months behind history here but suffice it to say we've cleared every major raid tier except tier 3 while it was (somewhat) current content. (We got around to Tier 3 about a year late). In the ancient past we obtained Realm First Death's Demise, Fall of the Lich King and Sinestra on Emerald Dream.

As of this writing we're 3/13H in Throne of Thunder 25. We went 12/16H in Tier 14.

We need people who love pressing buttons angrily to raid with us! We like 25-player raids because we are masochists. If you are too, great!

Our current needs are as follows in order of highest need:

Looking for 2 more healers. Monk and priest is ideal but not required. Especially a priest who can also play shadow.
Looking for 2-3 ranged DPS, especially an elemental shaman but anything but mage is fine as well.
Might want a Ret Paladin.

We raid four days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 6:30-11:00 server (-6 GMT) time. While we're not a hardcore guild, we do expect you'll put forth your best effort while you're raiding and that you'll do everything (within reason, no required race changes) to make your character as good as it can be.

You should join us because we have a lot of fun raiding but also actually kill things sometimes. It's a good mix.

Our loot system is a fairly simple +1 /roll style that spreads loot evenly. No hoarding DKP here. If you pass your trial you'll get equal priority on loot with everyone else.

If any of this interests you please go to and see our recruitment forum that we may or may not have updated.

If you aren't one of the classes we need but feel you are an exceptional player who can show us a thing or two feel free to apply.
Sub me in for your DPS war spot till its filled. Kthxbai.

We might be able to use another good healing priest too.
buuump =P
We could use a mage too.
Immediate opening for a good mage actually.
See above.
Literally a bump
This is literally me bumping.
Makes me wish my weekday schedule wasn't so full!
If youre still looking for a ret paladin, i am interested. Message me in game.
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I'm a mage!

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