[A] <Vanguard> US-Burning Blade 10m

Guild Recruitment

<Vanguard> is a new 10 man guild on Burning Blade Alliance seeking a few more for serious progression and high rated arenas/RBGs

Raider repairs, flasks, food, and gems are all provided by the guild!

Raid Schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm to 11:30pm server time!

Currently seeking more to fill out our guild/raid roster and build a strong core.
High Demands:

-One skilled non Shaman Healer
-Several skilled Ranged / Melee DPS

All applicants must have a strong background in heroic content in past tiers, or have reached a significant rating in either RBGs or Arenas in previous seasons.

Feel free to contact Nakodu (HR rep), or Doom (GM) via in-game mail or private messages at any time or go to www.guildvanguard.com to inquire. Thanks!

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