Should I switch mains for AP buff?

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So I am the main tank for our raids, and I have recently realized that our roster does not have the 10% attack power buff. Our hunter hasn't logged on since the xpac, and our prot warrior switched to a monk.

Our set up is as follows:
    Prot Paladin


    Ele Shaman
    Moonkin x2 (one with OS heals)

    Holy Paladin

My question is if the raid could still work without the AP buff. We generally would like to clear heroic modes in a timely manner. Since we haven't gotten our raid together yet, I just wanted to know if the DPS requirements without 10% AP could be done.

An argument was that we only have 3 people that would benefit from the buff, two of which are tanks. I think that argument is invalid since that still is 30% of the raid, and not only is tank dps affected, but their survivability as well due to heals scaling with AP.

I want to get a second opinion on this. I would rather not switch my mains since I love my paladin, but I am thinking of either leveling my DK or warrior if I find that the raids are exceptionally more difficulty without the 10% attack power buff.

Your thoughts please; and do remember we would be focusing on heroic modes as well.
I would switch to not only bring the 10% attack power buff but also Physical Vulnerability (target takes 4% increased physical damage) debuff, which you currently do not have.

10% Attack Power
* Death Knight (Horn of Winter)
* Warrior (Battle Shout)
* Hunter (Trueshot Aura)

Physical Vulnerability
* Hunter (Acid Spit, Gore, Ravage, Stampede)
* Death Knight (Brittle Bones, Ebon Plaguebringer)
* Colossus Smash (Warrior)
* Judgments of the Bold (Paladin - ret only)

So.. by bringing a dps dk, a hunter, or a warrior you can cover both the 10% Attack Power and the Physical Vulnerability.
Your composition is too range heavy. One of your dps should switch to a melee toon, specifically a warrior.

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