:( Why Blizzard... why.

Dear Priests,

I was wondering your thoughts on why Priests are the !@#$% of each expansion, and wings can only start to spread toward the middle of an expansion.

I'm pretty tired of the same ring around where we are taken to pvp and pve because we have pity taken against us, Fort or a raid c/d. It's pretty sad that we are lacking so terrible, die so quickly, oom faster than ever before.

Yes, I know the drill, I've been around since Vanilla, you can conserve all you want, but if there's a priest out here that can consistently hold and maintain 60-70k hps like a shaman and monk can, (yes, boss fights, raid boss fights) then please, teach me the era of your ways.
Many of us had concerns regarding priests in MoP, and we tried to had a open dialogue with the devs, but no blue post would ever dare to present its grace on a healing spec of the healers class.

Discipline is broken, Holy is cripple and the people who had say otherwise lied to us. Yes, im talking about some members off this community that say that everything is fine. Who are arrogant and say that people that make complaints should actualy ask for advice in how to play.

Well.. we are all seeing World of Logs now.. and the results are dire. Priests are the botton HPS and discipline is not only the worst spec, but probably the most uncommon, since high end raider dont dare playing it anymore.


Logs dont lie... and in the final beta, we almost beg to see some logs, but Blizzard manage to keep then away from us. They had set us to fail... and the people who stood tall defending the priest gameplay help then to do so..
Heres why:

1) Expansion design begins

2) Priest team gets told to go off and make priest changes.

3) Priest team has no quality control attached whatsoever, noone looks at the overall picture of priests, noone checks talents work together, no one checks if priests have what they need to be par. They just stick stuff on at random.

4) Expansion releases

5) Core/lead designers review class balance statistics, and notice priests suck because apparently the priest team was too busy sucking their thumbs to look at what they were making.

6) Core/lead designers now have nothing better to do for a while so they assist with priest fixes.

7) Priests get numbers buffs from core/lead designers in order to fix what the priest team broke.

8) Priests 'balanced', but mechanics still generally retarded because it was too late for any mechanics changes by the time someone competent had a look at the priest class.
This is like Cata all over again! Only that this time around NEITHER of the specs are good and you have one more class putting you to shame! \o/

<Sits in a corner and cries>

I am also feeling the cycle of eternal damnation. Being utterly shafted at the start of two expacks in a row only to have some sort of saving grace midway that makes the class 'mid par' and not 'upper par'...which by then most people already has the 'priests are horrible' mandate drilled into them...getting tired.

Not that I will stop playing a priest, but god it's grueling.
I haven't tried any raids and I honestly haven't compared myself to other healing classes yet. However, when I ran a few heroics last night with my guild I ended several of the fights with half mana.

Some fights were harder then others, but I found a large amount of damage was avoidable, and I actually like having to use my mana regen cool downs now.

I may find that my numbers are sub par for raiding when compared to other healers, but as far as heroics go, so long as you don't have a retard group I feel healing is fine.
Can we get a janitor in here to mop up this puddle of tears?

I like the new disc mechanics, and I think I'm gonna do everything I can do become a viable raid healer. But you're free to qq in this thread if you'd like.
10/04/2012 07:40 AMPosted by Exelisk
Can we get a janitor in here to mop up this puddle of tears?

crying ? we are trying to save a class here.. go do some raids on a 90 disc then come back with the feedback and the logs..
Posted by Exelisk
Can we get a janitor in here to mop up this puddle of tears?

Why would you even post your comment? It adds nothing and is generally just mean spirited. Actually that's not true, it adds to the hostility of these forums.

I play shadow but i'm considering adding a healing spec, I find these comments informative and I appreciate hearing the feedback.
***read past blue print***

our class is going to be the balancing factor to round out other healers used by blizzard (it's what they said). true that mistweavers are doing sick heals but they are the new hero class for mop so they are just getting their moment of recognition to make sure players play monk while windwalkers have their issues

disc had issue @ the start of cata esp for pvp and it turned out great by the end of that expansion so i wouldn't be too surprise now with the current state of disc. we will get our moment of recognition mid patch into expansion or suffer the fate that resto druids had to go through for the whole expansion of catatclysm. maybe it's a trend that each class will suffer to make sure other specs are played. they do not want to invent a spec thats not touched at all by players.

for example: mages fire spec was left dormant while arcane was OP and frost felt right for pvp

warlocks affliction was king for pvp but demonology was favored among players and destruction left dormant

priest: disc was much loved and widely use while shadow had problems but it was just too fun to give up so people still played. holy was hardly used in a pvp situation enough said but both heal spec were neutral for pve.

mana issues is our #1 threat to both healing spec which can be fix by cutting spells cheaper or buffing hymn of hope shadow fiend rupture or inner sanctum. threat #2 is our power word shield especially for disc. i can live with it's shorter duration from 30 secs and that it is dispellable but spirit shell should not suffer that fate too (it too can be dispelled) spirit shell cost way too much mana and to use on oneself or the raid/party cost way too much mana to maintain or up keep provided it's triggered by flash heals and prayer of healing which both cost the same usage of mana.

spirit shell should be triggered by renew and mending and are more mana efficient instead cause these spells can be use on party raid or oneself and can tick or bounce over time to create shields.

spirit shell having a 15 sec rush in fear of it dropping is a bad mechanic instead your first mending or renew will trigger a 30 sec duration (15 sec too short) to apply shields to any raid/party members.

the mana usage it consumes is seriously bogus and with out the dispel immunity renders it weak and vulnerable. anyone who has a brain who has dispel will remove it so how will this help our survivability? it doesn't.
My main 'complaint' is that Vanilla was the only time we had to shine. We where the 'it' healer, since then we've been the !@#$% of each expansion.

Glaius - that's exactly what I said
and wings can only start to spread toward the middle of an expansion.

It's what I think is most unfair, that we must suffer and be possibly benched because we are apparently the 'bench mark' for all healers. They either need to tune down other healers or ramp up the fk up. It's not just Wrath and Cata, but Burning Crusade as well. Yes, as said previously, mid x-pac and we begin to spread our wings, but why should we have to wait till then to get enjoyment from our class we *like/want* to play?

Exelisk -
I think I'm gonna do everything I can do become a viable raid healer.

No way! Here I was trying to give feed back to the Devs so that we could be a waste of space! Stop 'thinking' and get in to a raid and then see how you 'think' you can do better than a shaman or a monk xD I dare you! If you can keep 60-70k hps for an entire RAID boss fight, then I salute you.

Nehelenia - Yes, same here, Heroics are much different to the raid set up, the damage output is mostly unavoidable (especially the 2nd boss that's open atm).

Maureen - My GM's shadow isn't going so great either compared to Ele shamans, lol but he does ok but he's switched to Holy because it's the only viable class out for priests at the moment, Disc is way to ommy. But you could give it a go using Mindbender instead of Solace like I did xD I also used Halo, which for the mana dump, just isn't worth it, but I 100% suggest Cascade, that is OP and for what it does the mana is cheaper than Halo and better for AoE heals.
Cascade is crap outside of a 25 man, it is balanced around healing 16 times, but it won't heal the same target twice, so unless your 10 man is 2 healers, 2 tanks, and 6 pet classes, it is not performing up to its proper efficiency.
Yeah, pretty depressed that we're having a repeat of Cata's start.
10/05/2012 01:22 AMPosted by Kodiakarrest
Cascade is crap outside of a 25 man, it is balanced around healing 16 times, but it won't heal the same target twice, so unless your 10 man is 2 healers, 2 tanks, and 6 pet classes, it is not performing up to its proper efficiency.

Very true, and I was speaking about 25's, Halo would be too costly for 10s and I haven't given the other one much game time yet.
Pretty much just confirming everything said here. Priests are in a really bad spot right now, both Disc and Holy. I have never put this much work into something and seen so little returns, and even despite how awful my healing was on our Stone Guard kill, apparently it was #24 for Disc 25M. Really frustrating how Blizzard continues to ignore this, more than enough feedback has already been given describing what is wrong with Priests, they just don't believe us.

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