Feng the Accursed epicenter "interruptable??"

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Its not a bug.. Even we thought it was until we understood the fight. The MT actually have to GET HIT by the Lightning Fist when the OT is channeling the shroud on the MT. No hit, no copy. He does get stunned for 2 secs but its worth it considering you will be interrupting a big AoE spell.

You can only use this once every 2 epicenters.. For other ones you can use MT's barrier...
so effectively phase 1 is stand there and dps while every other one you move to the center, and nothing happens? I just think that makes the fight too damn easy, completely mitigates the need to rotate healing cool downs until you hit phase 3 ( assuming you only get 1 draw flame that gets in.

I guess m just disappointed that this would make the boss fairly damn easy, I enjoyed the thought of this fight revolving around rotating raid cool downs and nuillment.. I also figured reversal was just a great dps gain for the tank.

Quite the opposite actually. Look at the achievement for Feng.

never said it seems weird to be able to use the fists on him, just not to stun him so you don't need to deal with epicenter damage.
And what? You expect the fight's actual mechanic to involve every other epicenter requiring you to spam healing cooldowns and place a ridiculous strain on healer mana before he even shifts to phase 2 not to mention not a single dps being able to hit the boss for that period of time prolonging the phase even more?

Also if it was as easy as you claim it to be you wouldn't have wiped 20 times before the kill then would you?
ok i was stating my opinion and ( if you look back) I you would have noticed that I said I may just be frustrated because I didn't figure it out. Also I said it would be a lot easier if we had interrupted the epicenter.

as a healer and a raid leader I find it fun when i need to look at my mana usage instead of spending it wildly and just throwing it away, I like mechanics that you as a group need to work on surviving rather than just tunnel the boss until he is dead. and it's not a redicous strain, if you do phase 2 right you hardly have to spend mana outside the 2nd draw flame.

So tell me, your whole personal attack, does this steam form something in real life, if so I am sorry but don't take it out on other people. besides we had 2 wipes to accidental pulls 5 to D/c's and computer issues. so please just relax a bit eh?
Does anyone use a macro for this fight? if so can you link.
10/06/2012 09:58 PMPosted by Thommo
Does anyone use a macro for this fight? if so can you link.

Our tank used /y I HAVE THE STUN!

I hope this helps
You wouldn't be having this problem if you just read the dungeon journal.

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