Golden Lotus Quests?

Ive been trying to get the daily quest's for Golden Lotus for the past 2 days. Still stuck on Neutral ive tried doing everything possible and no quests will pop at the Golden Pagoda. Did both quests at Guo-Lai Ruins which sent me to golden pagoda and after those turn ins i had nothing else available to me.
Same with me.. they need to fix this omg
Yep, a lot of people have this problem, but blizz doesn't seem to care.
3 days and counting can't do them...

I want to say this expansion is good...but when they jsut plain ignore a major but like this...
Oh, so it's not just me? I got sent to the Caretaker from two different quest paths, yet still nothing.

If it helps to know, I did start the chain at 87, under the requirement, and was basically told "go level up" by the NPC who I finished the quest with.
I am also in this boat
This is quite a lot of time for being unable to do dailies for rep. I do hope we'll get some rep to catch up. x_x
I was able to do these for the first time yesterday, did all the quests and even got a few dailies, but today I have no daily quests in the area. All the other daily hubs I did yesterday after the lotus quests have reset, these should have too.

I am also stuck at neutral.
Can not find any quest at all, tryed looking every where but can't find any.
I just find it stupid that after or when hitting honored with Black Prince no more rep is gained killing mogus or non-klaxxi. Also it seems to me that getting August~ rep takes too long to get even though the game just came out with having to wait till revered with Golden Lotus just to get through with neutral. Unless some instance gives faction rep...?
You guys do the Temple of the White Tiger quest chain?
talking to the "tiger" with the prince then going to the vale, yes. AC vendor tells the player what "god" I guess needs help and the player supposedly just picks one to go help. thats at revered.
I started to do the quest chain that opens the dailies. I died (guess I shouldn't have been eating at the time) and when I ressed I was phased as though I had completed the quest chain. All the stone guardians and crystals were gone and instead there were all the mogu for the dailies. I have opened ticket after ticket and all I get is the automated response to submit a bug report. I am now 6 days behind on dailies. I may not get to raid because I didnt have the rep I need because blizzard is ignoring me, (getting lotus to rev is the only way to get 2 other reps to revered so it is pretty important if you want to have a shot at being successful in these first raid bosses) If that happens I am done with this game. I have said it before jokingly, but I mean it. There are far too many people having this problem and nothing is being done. And you know they wont give us rep to make up for lost days doing the rep grind.
I notice that it's still continuing. Chalk on another day. Blizzard really needs to fix this. I've pretty much given up expecting to get any gear in time to raid with, but I still want to make some money.
i know i am having the same problem. already exalted with cloud serpent and revered with klaxxi or however you say it. thanks blizzard for screwing everyone over. i have submitted over 5 tickets and bug reports and still nothing is done. maybe they should just kick pandaria and reinstall. not fair that everyone is not getting the same treatment here.
Having the same problem. My brother went with me to start the Golden Lotus, we both did it at the same time and he is able to do the daily quest but i am not.
Do you have the ability to fly in Pandaria? That is a requirement for the Golden Lotus chain to open up. Basically a blue post describes it all in a sticky at the top of the forum:

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