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Been really busy with work and finally had my schedule free up to where i can pick up wow agian, thought id save time and get the digital copy of MoP. Had an issue with the card number on my account so had to re apply it to my account and when i added the 40 dollars its not showing up at all. I checked my *bank* account and it shows blizz took my money so i dont understand why it has to take 3 day to a week just to update on my account?

Not mad at blizzby any means iam just alittle confused and would like some clearity on this (sorry for the p!ss poor grammer iam still waking up and dont wannt to correct anything).
The up to 72 hours period is to process the payment verification, and the time taken is dependent on your banks processes/policies.

Blizzard has not yet taken any money, your bank has set it aside pending the completion of this process.

It is essentially an anti-fraud mechanism.
ahh ty that makes sense

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