Justice Point Rep Gear Reverting to 450

Bug Report
After the recent hotfix changes to JP gear (removal of the faction requirement and bump to ilvl from 450 to 458), I purchased the legs and a ring. Now, however, the items are back to being ilvl 450 and the faction requirement is back. The items are showing ilvl 450 in-game and in the online armor (at least when I made the post). Also, I can no longer purchase other items, since the rep requirement has been re-enabled and I don't meet the requirement.

Also, in-game, it says my overall ilvl is 406.

Any ideas?
This is usually a result of cached data disagreeing with the updated items. Deleting your local cache should correct it.

You'll find your cache in your World of Warcraft folder. It's simply called "Cache". After deleting this, it will be slowly remade over time - hopefully with the correct information.
I am having the same issue. Gear I purchased is now unusable and all of the old requirements are back.
The "fix" above did not work for me. This is pretty annoying as I now have 4 slots that do not count for anything.

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