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Being a warlock of warlockly intentions (I'm the one who brought the tiger blood). I like my pets to be warlockly, so far I have Grell Moss, Minfernal and a Fel Flame for my "demon" team.

Not necessarily the smartest idea, stacking 3 similar pets, however, I would like your opinions on the team, and also suggestions of class related pet types (undead for DK, robots for gnomes, spang;y pally pets and leafy drood ones).

What appeals to you guys?
Nothing wrong with running a theme, as long as you aren't expecting to do well competitively.
I was thinking of themes for all my characters, simply in the hope that one day we can summon them all at once ^_^. Multiple companion pets would be good fun.
I think it's fun. I was able to nab an Eye of the Leigon off the AH, it would be a good addition to that lineup. Perhaps a Lil' KT as well? Shame not all pets are rare quality but ignoring that issue...

I had thought a bit about doing a druidy lineup. Perhaps some mix of Teldrassil Sproutling/Ruby Sapling, Moonkin, Cenarion Hatchling, Panther Cub (or some such), Darkshore Cub, Wisp, Sprite Darter

Deathknight, Chilly, Maggot (Is there a red one?), Crawling Claw (Named Death Grip), Any Bat
It's your $15, your character, do what you want and don't let anyone tell you different!

I am building two ALL dragon teams, one is all Black dragonflight, the other is the Red/Emerald/Blue.

Just because;
a. I love dragons
b. love the Aspect lore of the game
c. I love dragons!
Grell aren't demonic. They're forest sprites.
Grell use the same model as the warlock imps though. Rename it Imp, it's all good :3
Warlocks corrupting foresty creatures is a well documented thing!
I like to keep to a general theme, but at the same time try and be competitive. I used to play a lot of competitive Pokemon before getting into WoW.

This team, once completed, will be a Darkness based team. Gilnean raven as an opener to put out Darkness. Swap it out to serve as a sweeper later, to the two elemental pets I plan to have that is not affected by said Darkness.

I like the theme because rogues are all about the dark and shadows and whatnot.
10/04/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Fraxinus
Grell aren't demonic. They're forest sprites.

Lol, I can't believe a Druid who gets 4 specs is trying to take this one thing away from Warlocks. You were probably lobbying congress not to let warlocks tank too. LOL
as to grells not being demonic

A) I don't care
B) they're the imp model
C) the term "demonic" is open for debate, given all it would take is a little bit of Sargeras all up in them to make them imps (WoW law draws no line as to what is a demon and what isn't, the Eredar are Demonic, the Space Goats are not, I believe the original demons were those that Sargeras enslaved at the onset of his madness...anyway, lore lore lore. Who cares? I would take a penguin if it looked Demonic :D).

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking of this. The Dragonflight idea occured to me, I just need to get the last of the whelps and have each headed by the appropriate aspect pet. Don't forget your characters favorite pet, and feed it a pet biscuit! My infernal minfernal Supremus is taller than me and half again as wide XD.

grells cost $6-10, and on eBay pets are pretty cheap, just saying in case some people don't know already.
Also Kel'thuzad is a necromancer :P, and ironically eye of the legion is undead type >_<, I'll get it when I don't have so many other fun pets to derp around with.

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