Predatory Swiftness Needs a UI Display.

Having Predatory Swiftness is damn near useless without some visual letting me know it's available to be used. I might be able to guarantee a use with 5 combo points but beyond that it's hit or miss, and it's really annoying having to check my buffs just to see if it proc'd or not.

It needs a UI display like Omen of Clarity.

Only Blizzard can fix this, unless there's some talented UI tinkerer out there.
go download tellmewhen. Select the buff you want to track. Customize size, placement, timers, and anything else you care about. Win.
Copy + pasted from AJ. No idea if it still works or not.

After some frustration that Predator's Swiftness is not tracked by the default UI's PowerAuras, I decided to make a Script to make it start tracking it:

Heres the addon:

You can also use two macro's:

/run SAF = SpellActivationOverlayFrame FOS = "TEXTURES\\SPELLACTIVATIONOVERLAYS\\FURY_OF_STORMRAGE.BLP" SAS = SpellActivationOverlay_ShowOverlay SAH = SpellActivationOverlay_HideOverlays PSF=CreateFrame("FRAME")

/run PSF:RegisterEvent("UNIT_AURA");PSF:SetScript('OnEvent',function() o=0 for i=1,40 do _,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,id=UnitAura("Player",i) if id==69369 then SAS(SAF,69369,FOS,"TOP",1,255,255,255,false,false) o=1 end end if o==0 then SAH(SAF,69369) end end)

Remember, You'll have to use them every login!

NEW: The addon uses "/pst" to toggle on/off (for raiding purposes)
I use two addons TrackPredatorySwiftness and BadKitty to track my PS Procs.

TPS will put a green, leafy indicator in the middle of your screen.
BK will add 2 customizable bars to track PS.

My UI configuration really lends to me watching my BK icon timer with ease. I use it for all of my DoC weaving considerations.
i use weakauras. i made it so it tracks PS... it puts up orange leaves... right outside of omens green. It also puts an icon up with a timer in it. once you start using weak auras.. . you will track everything.
I use weakauras too. My PS tracker is just a green bar though.
I too, suggest weakauras. It is very intuitive. I use it for all my toons' important cds and procs.

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