<Fortis> Recruiting for raiding!

Hello Kel'Thuzad!

<Fortis> is currently looking to bolster its roster to push raiding content on a casual schedule. Majority of us are highly experienced raiders from rich raiding background (members from original Fortis for example) and we wish to experience this expansion's raid content within timely manner. Since we wish to finish it in timely manner we wish to acquire skilled players, not the best of the best but can hold their own.

We currently raid Thursday 8pm server time and Sundays 8pm server time(these raid times are still flexible).

Current classes we're looking to add:
Elemental/Restoration Shaman
Moonkin druid

If you are interested in joining but aren't one of these four classes please still apply for possibly 2nd raids opening and/or winning over spots from other raiders!

Apply by messaging myself in game or Montgomery.

Thanks for your time!
Have a good day Kel'Thuzad!

PS: Hey dodgie!
Like Fortis Alberta? The electricity utility company?
Already downed the first boss! currently 1/6 ready to slug down some more bosses Sunday.
If any potential recruits are interested in our logs please check out

Hope to hear from you in game!

Oh hey dodgie!
Oh hey- How's Fortis? Oh....

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