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I just sent 25k to a friend who had loaned me gold on good faith, i have a reputation for always repaying my debts in the alloted time which allows me to get loans from other players when i need them. However the gold doesnt appear to have reached the player yet it is not in my inventory, i triple checked the name to ensure it was the right person and his name was even saved as the last person sent to (i use the postal addon) who i then proceeded to send both a empty letter and a letter containing an item to, both made it through however the gold did not. This is a fairly serious issue considering it was pretty much all the gold i had and i have no way to repay him. if this can be looked into and resolved sooner rather then later i would appreciate it.
It is entirely possible Blizzard is holding it hostage for review. 25k is not a small amount to be sent through mail to another player. Either way, this isn't a TS issue. You will want to post this in Custom Support
Still not a technical support issue

Unfortunately, Tech Support doesn't have the necessary tools to help with this issue.

Please contact a GM to have them look into this for you.

Here's how to contact a GM:
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