A <Darkest Hour> of Stormrage is recruiting!

Guild: Darkest Hour

Server: Stormrage US East Coast Server

We are now recruiting for the following for our 10 person raid content N/H:
We are looking for TWO exceptional RANGED players(not melee sorry) that have a minimum equip(not overall) GS of 460. Prior heroic content experience is a plus.

We are currently as of this post 10/04/2012: Pre-Raid.

Guild is level 25.

We do offer generous guild repairs, food, flask, etc. for our raiding team. As well as aditional perks, to support our raid team's progression.

Raid hours and days:

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and possible Thursday(during progression)*

Hours: 6:45pm to 10pm EAST coast server time[in essence 3:45pm to 7pm West coast time].(Some additional raids are available)

Interested applicants should apply to: Gosamer, Snorlaxlol, or Newet by in game mail, or wisp, for consideration.**

*Players are expected to have a minimum raid attendance of: two of the three raid progression days per week.

**People interested in server transfers, please create an alt on the server and talk with us BEFORE spending your money, we are only looking for 2 very specific people, once filled we will stop recruiting.
Bump Im now part of this guild xD

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