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Hi there,

Occasionally, I find the size of my UI reset when I log onto the game. All of action bars/chat bars/minimap are really large. It's only a matter of going into interface, selecting the proper resolution (this never seems to change, I just select the same setting and press apply) and then the size of the UI goes back the normal.

This didn't bother me at first, but now the size of my UI is resetting sometimes when I move from one zone to another.

Note: I don't think this is game resolution, just the UI. Though "applying" the same resolution again fixes it, albeit temporarily.

What's up with this?
Can anybody help me with this? Thanks
20 days later, I am still having this problem. Doesn't seem to be happening as frequently now, usually every other time I log onto the game. UI resolution/size keeps resetting.
I hate bumping posts, but I'm not sure why I can't get any attention.

Would really appreciate some help :)
try reading this:

I have the same problem... currently going to try the admin solution.

BTW - I simply just googled my question and this thread plus that link above were one of the first couple posts.

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