I still don't know what to make this monk!

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I love mining. It's calming and relaxing.

I already have an engineer, but she's not passing 85 for a long while.

Leatherworking is handy, but agonizing to level (or it was) and skinning is blah.

Blacksmithing makes loadsamoney, but doesn't really benefit me.

...Alchemy could be fun.

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Perhaps a scribe? They weave runes or magic on paper. It can match with the whole Monk thing since they use runes in their spell graphics.
Can scribes actually do things now besides just making glyphs? I mean, they're nice and all, but now that they're permanent it seems to be kind of a dead-end profession. ><

...Maybe that's just 'cause TB seems to have scribes out the butt. :L
mine was scribe herb
Herb/Alch on mine, should be really fun. Alch is one of the more useful and always in demand professions. Plus cool things like Vial of the Sands.
Alchemy is one of the easiest professions to level. It might not make the most gold, but the income is very steady. I made gold on flasks right up to the last day of Cata.
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Scribe, you can make class appropriate weapons.

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