PVP hit&expertise question

So as it stands ether the tool tip for stats is buged or did the change how much hit and expertise u need to be capped for pvp my stats are as follows.

Hit rating 1,380 4.06% hit lvl 90 taget 0% chance to miss
Expertise 1,108 3.26% lvl 90 target 0% chance to dodge 2.74% to parry

I even did 5 bg's (staying away from hunter's) missed 0 times and was only parried 6 attacks and i say that was when i was fighting a warrior and he used Die by the sword witch after the first i tried to stay clear of it for the other 4.

Is this something that bliz changed i know u use to need at least 5% hit
PvP you only need 3% now, PvE remains 7.5%
10/05/2012 12:20 AMPosted by Squirrelnut
PvP you only need 3% now, PvE remains 7.5%

Thats of each hit and expertise.

also its 340 rating per 1%
dame that is hot

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