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Hey there! Haven't played the game in a while. My dad and I used to be hardcore WoW players, and last night whilst reminiscing we came up with an idea we believe is -completely- unique, and something that is not only currently untapped within the ALL facets of gaming, but something which has the potential to do real good within the community, whilst at the same time promoting World of Warcraft (and indeed, Blizzard!).

Is there anyone I can speak to about this? Someone from the dev team or media department? Are you able to point me in the right direction, whether it be an email (or even snail mail) that I can correspond with?

Cheers! And apologies if I'm in the completely wrong area, everything's changed in the past 12 months!
Any suggestions would go in the forum that relates most to what you're suggesting. PvP suggestions go on the pvp forums and profession forums go on the profession forums, anything that doesn't have a specific thing goes in general.

They also would not talk to you directly about it.
The only way to have any contact with the Development team is to post on the Forums for them and the Community Managers who are the liaisons to them. Unless your idea has purely to do with marketing or PR, you wouldn't want to contact them.

Just to kind of underscore what Moon and I have said, this is the Contact info for Blizzard.
Hmm. It's a strange situation then! There isn't necessarily a specific scenario relating to a PvP issue or a profession suggestion for this idea! The concept would be game wide. Indeed, world wide, assuming Blizzard picked it up and implemented it in WoW first!

I'm going to have to have a think, write out an 'essay', and then find somewhere appropriate to post it. I understand people 'like me' have ideas 'like this' every day, and it'd make sense that they wouldn't have someone readily available and contactable via email/phone, purely because it'd cost them hundreds of man-hours. But this! This is so unique, and SO sellable, and almost completely changes the way in which they can promote 'safe' gaming (kind of like how McDonalds add the pickle in their cheeseburgers to keep their food from being classified as a dessert!) - with the potential to eliminate the negative connotations with gaming, addiction, 'pay to play', that most people who aren't gamers (especially parents) seem to carry.


Anyway thanks for your help guys! I appreciate that I am (most definitely) coming across as a person with a few screws loose, but I promise, I'm just excited :D

edit: and it most definitely encompasses marketing and PR! as well as in-game! Something so unique that only a police sergeant with 25 years experience, who is also a gamer, raid leader, GM, could come up with :p
If none of the subforums meets your needs, then General is the best place to post something.

Please be aware that you need a currently active WoW license to post there.
There is also the option of the red "?" in-game, then select Submit Suggestion.

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