Relic of Niuzao

I spent a lot of gold making cards and finally built a deck; the ox deck. When I start the quest it shows the reward as the Relic of Niuzao trinket ( To say the least I was incredibly surprised to see it has no static stats; only an on use for 8,871 dodge on a 1 min CD. Is this intended because it seems to me like an extremely bad trinket especially compared to the other decks which look amazing. I know its not proper manners to ask for a blue confirmation, but it would be great to know before the DMF so i might be able to sell this deck off before everyone finds out just how useless it is to make a little bit of the gold spent making it back.
I want to believe that the on use dodge proc on it is calculated in.

the LFR version of Vial of Dragons blood only gets up to 2866 dodge for 20 sec (unsure of internal cooldown)

compared to the 8871 dodge you get for 12 sec with 1 min on use trinket.

But, i would like some confirmation on why the trinket was done this way compared to the past.
Yes i understand it is a lot of dodge but come on who wants a trinket that's just a CD it works out to about 10% dodge at level 90. I mean seriously why do the tank trinkets from the DMF cards always come out to be junk compared to the other ones that usually tend to be BIS into the next raid tier and sometimes even longer. Would it have killed them to make say the casters version the crap one this time and gave tanks something nice this time around?
Look at it this way we don't have to spend tens of thousands of gold on the thing, unlike the classes it's BiS for.
I would rather have a trinket thats actually worth spending a large amount of gold on than one thats complete garbage thats only worth the enchanting mats it disenchats into.
should have looked up what the oxen cards turned into before collecting that set....
Yeah but even after looking it up me and everyone in my guild assumed it had to be a bug and it wasn't including the static stats for some reason. It's such a horrible looking trinket as is I just hope they make some changes to it. Could easily lower the amount of dodge on use and add some stam or mastery to it to make it at least slightly appealing to tanks.
Ask and you shall receive!

Relic of Niuzao is now hotfixxed with 1434 stamina.


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