Nerf BM, Buff Surv and MM

If they nerf BM PvE because of broken PvP, I'm quitting this game hands down.

They needed seperate PvE and PvP skills, talents, stats 6 years ago.

Can't balance both, and nerfing one and hurting the other is stupid.
I finally got a chance to jump in to some arenas, and saw for myself how much damage BM is doing. It's pretty sad that you can jump into an arena with a partner who doesn't even know how to pvp (no CC, no heals, just stands there and protects themselves, etc.), and still carry them to wins in seconds.

I also think too many people are coming into arenas without any pvp gear and this is only amplifying the problem. There are too many classes facerolling so far and it's destroying what I used to love about pvp.

Edit: Hated the wording of my last sentence.
10/05/2012 11:49 AMPosted by Eponine
get what you're saying, and I don't want to see PVE go to !@#$ anymore than you do. But unless I'm misunderstanding you, it sounds like you want to leave PVP the way it is... correct me if I'm wrong.

the point is they cant separate the two, a nerf to one is a nerf to both. in order to truly balance pvp you have to separate all the spells from pve when you flag up, change them to work differently in pvp or not at all, change the damage amounts in pvp, its something that would be like a switch in the game when a person flags or enters a pvp area
Ok i am going to stop this here 2 pages of you trolling. If this is your statment, if this is your argument.
Um... that statement seems to be fairly accurate atm.

I'm in a few pvp pieces, and my partner is in greens and we hit 1500 the other night with almost zero effort on our part. Games were lasting less than a minute do to the burst I brought, partner is really only there for instant clones.

Also, 2's is not balanced. Blizz does not balance around it, it's why you can't get 2200 out of it. Arguably 2K in 3's is better than 2200 in 2's.

10/05/2012 09:31 AMPosted by Banard
The fact we have always been under representative is the fact there is problems with the class.
It's a commonly accepted fact amongst most high end arena players that representation means nothing.

A good example was when KFC was strong for us. Our representation was low, but the team comp was OP.

10/05/2012 09:43 AMPosted by Banard
Bg? BG? Serious? Argue for a nerf over a BG? Where tons of people are in greens?
He was requesting him to BG and go get gear, not judge balance over BGs.

10/05/2012 09:48 AMPosted by Wyvernmaster
If anything it needs a bit of rework,
I could get behind that.
Why not just buff Survival and MM and leave BM alone? It's been years since BM has been anywhere close to a viable PvE spec and now that it is you want it nerfed? BM is fine where it is and it's hardly the most powerful PvP spec out there. Why is it that people always want a spec that they don't like nerfed instead of just asking for a buff for the spec they do like?
10/05/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Brêwslee
When your pet starts do do your job for you is when there's an imbalance with your class. =\

This arguement is invalid considering the fact that when it comes to BM that's the whole point of the spec. Or did that fact escape your mind?

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