Brewmaster Stats...

So I haven't gotten a chance to play with numbers yet since I don't get much time to play and dailies/heroics take all of it.

Have any raiding (or preparing to raid tanks) played with a couple things:

Due to how Evasive Brew and Mastery works, prioritizing Mastery/Crit as primary stats? Only problem I have with this concept is crit stacks at such a slow rate, you'd lose out on a lot of Damage/Hit/Exp/Parry/Dodge... but I wonder if once we get Crit high enough (~30-40%) if Elusive Brew couldn't be constant, instead of a variable.

Also has anyone else noticed that currently dual-wielding just destroys 2H? Your damage is about the same, but due to the proc rate/system for Windsong, two of it just destroys the 2H. I currently use a 2H due to having the Arch Polearm, but it's likely I switch sooner, rather than later.

Wha stat priorities have y'all played with? I love Parry due to counter attack but it definitely isn't worth stacking due to BOK.

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