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Wyrmrest Accord
Coming to you on Sunday at 7pm server time is the Ravenfeather Tea House!

Brought to you by the Ravenshield Conglomerate, this Tea House will be serving tea from all over Azeroth. From your typical Peacebloom and Mageroyal to the more exotic such as Honeymint Tea which comes from the frigid land of Northrend and many decadent Gilnean teas as well as the new 'current' fads of Panderan Tea as well. Not to mention coffee and other such fruity drinks will also be served.

There will also be food to order, from tea cookies to rice balls to cheesecake. Our special for the Fall is Pumpkin Cheesecake. As well as dainty sandwiches and scones, soups and stews, even a chilled salad!

So please come by the small dock in the Cathedral District and take a seat, let our dedicated and professional staff give you whatever your heart desires.

Brought to you by the Ravenshield Conglomerate!
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Bordeauxe Sinnett
It should be really fun! Please ask any questions you might have or give a little reply that you'll be going!
Why did I get the monster truck announcer guy going "SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY" stuck in my head while reading this?

Should be neat as our first "public" thing in a while, if all goes well.
Fantastic! I was going to have a tea shop on sunday as well, but I may take it down if youre running yours! I am so pleased to see others trying to start venues again. I will be there and bring as many of my own group to enjoy it!

I proudly support our communities RP efforts! Keep it up!

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