Rare pets not so rare anymore.

So I go on petopia.com and for those that don't know, one of my joys being a hunter is to tame rare pets. I love the thrill you get when you spot them and the tame = win. But again, I was on petopia and noticed a few rare pet's skin can now be found in MOP.

Here a list:

Madexx: I had the red one and was working towards blue but unless you have green, blue and red can now be found in MOP. Seething Fleshripper(blue) is in Townlong Steppes and Horrorscale Scorpid and Ruby Venomtail(red) can be found in Dread Wastes.

Jadefang: Remeber the only green shale spider in the game? Not anymore. Greenstone Gorger, Brittle Greenstone Gorger, and Greenstone Nibbler can be found in The Jade Forest and Greenstone Terror can be found in Greenstone Village

Kirix: That green spider in Molten front. WELL, Echoweb Toxiclaw is in Valley of the Four Winds. (That pet was a pain in the @$$ to tame)

These are the few I found so far. I mean, my whole world hasn't stop over this and it's not really a complaint, just alittle disapointed. These three were very challanging for me to get but I suppose Blizz did this so I can free up some spots in my stable.
10/05/2012 08:38 AMPosted by Eponine
Skoll grayish reskin in Four Winds, not a spirit beast so MM/SV can use it.

Wow... I just looked that up on petopia. Yeah, not a spirit beast but hey, if you like Skoll and couldn't tame him here's your guy!

Um. So? Early on, pets are harder to get because more people want them. It's been at least a year - plenty of time for lots of folks to get them, even with competition.

People forget that with hugely popular games like WoW, things like pets become more common over time.

It might feel a little rough now that there's less folks questing in the area (I wanted to backhand the paladin who killed an MF rare under me the first week), less folks after the pets and so on. Most of the madexxes I saw killed were 'oops, I thought he dropped something, sorry :(' type kills.

There were also tiny common green spiders in MF itself, so Kirix wasn't unique, even before.

As for Jadefang, it is nice that there's an option that doesn't involve competing with folks who want the minipet.

I just didn't find parking with NPCscan, fending off griefers and people who didn't know better and such very fun. I'm glad I got the pets, and you feel a little accomplished, but if someone else can easily get a pet they enjoy, I can get behind that.*

Skoll is still a unique color in that he's dark blue instead of greyish or greyish blue. And also, spirit beast. But frankly, I'm happy my non-BM friends can use a lightning wolf, too.

Things change, that's all. I like the new rare system and that there's options for folks who just want to grab a pet or those who want to hunt and camp rares. Now both can enjoy.

*That's what SHE said.
I'm one of those types that love the whol rare pet concept. The only non rare pet in my stable currently is Chromaggus. Some of us like the thrill and joy taming a rare pet as oppose to any you can find off the block. Yes, I delt with griefers as well and that part of disappointment. All the work put in and now they can be found.

Again, not complaining as this does free up space in my stable but for collection purposes it's a pain in the you know what.
I guess. But honestly, I see more rare spawn pets with hunters than anything else.

You'll probably like the new rare tracking thinger. I just like that people have *options*, whether they wish to go for the hunt or just grab their pet. And it's nice that non-BM hunters can get a cool lightning wolf.

In the end, the pet is rare and you have a taming story. Nothing will change that, even if another of that sort is available. I like all my guys, rare or not. :3 though I may need to drop one or two. Bleah.

Though, I have to say, tracking my pets is kinda fun!
I, personally, keep swinging back and forth between wanting the unique, rare skin and wanting the skin I like best. In the end, I find myself using the hunter pets that have the skins and colors I am most fond of instead of the super rare ones.

It doesn't bother me a lot that I have Skoll and now someone can get a sorta Skoll look-a-like. The cool factor is all in the name you give the pet in my opinion :-) That is what makes them truly unique or fun or awesome.

That being said, I do really, really, really want a pink crane.

I also occassionally get OCD about having a matching hunter pet/companion pet/mount trio. But then I don't always have the room for the various raid buff pets that I need.
I'm still so new to WoW - only been playing a month and I'm really learning the basic skills of the game still - really somewhat overwhelming with the amount of info to take in. I have been bit with the "wanna have the rare pets" bug though after going to petopia... and boy I have a long way to go. I have been reading about addons and macros for hunters, how hunter class is one of the hardest, I have nothing customized and I am still a "clicker" which I've learned is not good!! :P Gonna be a while before I can get some cool pets cause I really don't have many skills yet... and a lot of levelling to do. I know the few pets I have managed to tame (just to see if I could) make me smile :) Gotta start somewhere! Skoll is on my definitely eventually list!
cool frees up a few stable slots to tame new stuff.
10/05/2012 11:03 AMPosted by Juicedkermit
cool frees up a few stable slots to tame new stuff.

I say I am about to dump all but a few favs and go all mop pets, oh and did I read on petopia new spirit beast in 5.1? ooo spirit yak plz or spirit crane
10/05/2012 11:13 AMPosted by Toxarís
I say I am about to dump all but a few favs and go all mop pets, oh and did I read on petopia new spirit beast in 5.1? ooo spirit yak plz or spirit crane

I hope we get a new spirit beast. I have all the current ones.

10/05/2012 09:14 AMPosted by Novikova
Though, I have to say, tracking my pets is kinda fun!

I'm still trying it out. I tamed Savage and I have to say, with sheer luck. I was just standing there and he unstealth as he past me and unstealth again as he past a NPC beast and boom, I tamed him.

I guess the hard part is finding these guys. I know they leave tracks but I never see any on ground.
Turning your ground clutter to low helps. People are starting to find them, though. Because it's rare has their patrol maps. Even with all of that, it's still a challenge.
I've got to say I'm loving my Quilen(Portent). I went and got a druid macro, and did some minor changes. I've been in several groups that were like " What!?! the hunter is doing a battle rez".
Kirix was never unique: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=53753
As an earlier posted said the lightning wolf found in the Vale is a lighter shade of blue compared to Skoll.

I snagged one (I have Skoll as well) and parked it next to a hunter who has Skoll out, you can tell the difference between the two. I got rid of it because I wanted to compare the two side by side.

The "problem" with the current MoP rares...Blizzard messed up with the foot prints, they're backwards! I missed out on snagging Portent because I went the wrong way while following the foot prints.

Blizz has said they will be fixing the foot print issue in an upcoming patch.

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